Sense of Community

These happy homeowners discuss how great the sense of community is here at Mirabella. They have found great friends and great neighbors, and enjoy spending time with them at picnics, get togethers, and much more. They mention that the clubhouse and its amenities provide a place to hangout, cook, and enjoy each others company.


Life Experiences Led Her To Mirabella

After many life experiences, this homeowner explains how Mirabella is the first place she's lived in that actually feels like a community. She is appreciative of the friends she has made and how they accommodate to her needs and schedule. She mentions that she feels safe living here.


The Next Phase Of Life

The next phase of this couples life was all about finding the right neighbors and joining a community. They describe how they have found that (and more) here at Mirabella. They love the atmosphere, the community events, and are enjoying their active life style!


Close To The Beach

This couple loved the location of Mirabella with our community being a few miles from the beach. They love the conveniences and how shopping, restaurants and live music are all close by. They mention that our home designs make them feel happy and they are grateful to be part of such a beautiful community.